About Us

Our Company: Based in the heart of the historical center of Athens our firm has grown over the past 50 years from a small local goldsmith manufacturer to an international producer and design visionary.
Fostering the craftsmanship of three generations, with unrivalled technical know-how and local market knowledge, the firm has evolved and is taking its operations to a global level.
Our passion for original Art & Design items or the flawless craftsmanship on bespoke jewelry timepieces underlines our range of products. Dinos Karali’s creations have emerged out of a long hands-on experience over the working bench which has transformed him to a sound jewelry designer.
The driving force behind our success has been our commitment to the art of jewelry making. Over the years we have come to appreciate that each creation out of our exclusive collections is unique. This is achieved through our innovative jewelry architectural approach and contemporary ideas.

Philosophy: Our philosophy is encapsulated in the following core principles:
Cutting edge technologies: We have proved our strong commitment in using state of the art technologies available in jewelry design and production. Grasping world’s best practices we have come to master the latest trends in 3D printing, laser cutting and cad-designing combined with the traditional art of goldsmith.
During the last 8 years we have rolled-out, a striving Capital Expenditure Plan with a reinvestment of more than 20% of annual turnover, in the most advanced hardware and software updates.

Complete services: Our customer-centric orientation extends to a wide range of services across our area of expertise. Over the years, we have broadened our perspectives and the company has made a mark in the Greek market. The values of customer satisfaction, honesty, excellence, elegance, exclusivity, non-conformism, quality and reliability have served to shape our company’s identity.

Inspiration: Our inspiration derives from a continuous journey of observations. Geometrical shapes, ancient patterns, the luminous Greek sunlight and the unceasing waving of the sea are only a fraction of the elements we call upon when a new piece of jewelry is conceived.
Furthermore, urban setting provides a different perspective of every-day life. During the design process urban trends are used as inspiration. This is reflected in the style, dimensions and different applications of precious stones and metals used in every piece of jewellery.